Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 12- the All-star Fight

12- the Final All-star Fight

Scratch Game Three Kingdoms - All-star Fight
The All-star Fight

This is the final episode of our three kingdoms series. In 219 AD, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan had become three independent regimes. Liu Bei occupied Hubei, Hunan and Sichuan. His best general and oath brother Guan Yu believed that his forces could defeat the defenders of Xiangyang, an important gateway to further conquer Cao Cao’s territories. So he went on an expedition from Jing Province (today’s Hubei) to Cao Cao’s Xiangyang.

Meanwhile, Sun Quan wanted to take the opportunity when Guan Yu was absent in Jing Province. A decisive battle was about to take place.

Total coding blocks: 30

Sprites and the backdrop:

Scratch Game Three Kingdoms - the All-star sprite
The sprite “All-star” has 4 costumes

There is only one sprite in this game, in



Last words of heroes in Three Kingdoms

Last words of the heroeswords:
1: Is this place Mai City?
2: Dr Hua, save me please!
3: Xiao Qiao, you’re going to go on!
4: I’m old enough. It doesn’t matter.


Scratch Game Three Kingdoms - All-star Fight - Code
The yellow color is from Guan’s blade.

Okay, our brief Three Kingdoms story comes to an end. Guan Yu was defeated in Mai City by Sun Quan’s general Lu Meng at the end of 219 AD, and was soon executed in 220. Guan’s death astonished Liu Bei. He took all his army to fight against Sun Quan. However, with the support of Cao Cao, Sun Quan won the Battle of Jing Province.

It is believed that by the end of 219 AD, an epidemic began from the middle reach of Yangtze River. Quite a few famous people such as Cao Cao, Lu Meng and Huang Zhong died from a sudden disease after the Battle of Jing Province in 220 AD.

The epidemic changed the history. After Cao’s death, the last Han ruler, Emperor Xiandi, was made to cede the throne to Cao’s son Cao Pi, who proclaimed the Wei dynasty. A year later, in 221, Liu Bei was declared emperor of the Shu-Han dynasty. In the southeast formed the third of the Three Kingdoms, the kingdom of Wu, under the initial dispensation of Sun Quan.

Hope that you like our stories and games, and have learned some basic concepts of computer programming.