Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 11- the Underestimated Veteran

11- the Underestimated Veteran

Scratch Game - Guan Yu vs. Huang Zhong
Guan Yu vs. Huang Zhong

After Cao Cao retreated to the north, Liu Bei set out to expand his territory to the south. He sent his unrival general Guan Yu to attack Han Xuan in Changsha. Surprisingly, a veteran under Han Xuan, 60-year-old Huang Zhong, dared to challenge Guan Yu.

“Be careful with Huang Zhong, he is very skilled!” said Zhuge Liang.

“Instructor, that old gentleman will regret not to stay at home watching his grandchildren today!” replied Guan.

In this game, player will control Huang Zhong fighting against Guan Yu with a bow. Click the character to shoot an arrow. If you shoot Guan’s green body, you will score 1 point. If you touch Guan Yu, you will lose 1 point. Gain 5 points to win.

Total coding blocks: 28

Sprites and the backdrop:

Scratch Game Huang Zhong vs. Guan Yu - Layout

The arrow, Guanyu and huang, all above sprites are in

Backdrop: Savanna

Variable: my variable


(1) Guanyu

Scratch Game Huang Zhong vs. Guan Yu code #1
Guanyu: record a sound “Hey”, or select a built-in sound

(2) arrow

Scratch Game Huang Zhong vs. Guan Yu - code #2
arrow: the green color is from Guanyu’s body

(3) huang

Scratch Game Huang Zhong vs. Guan Yu - code #3

On the first day of the battle, Huang Zhong’s horse had stumbled and thrown him. However, Guan Yu spared the veteran general. “Get another horse and come back!” He shouted.

The second day, Huang Zhong had an opportunity to kill Guan Yu. “Yesterday he spared me. I couldn’t bear to shoot him to death today.” the old general thought in his heart. Then he sent an arrow just hit the base of the plume on Guan Yu’s helmet.

Han Xuan, The governor of Changsha, blamed Huang Zhong for betraying him. The old general was detained and was going to be executed. Changsha people saved Huang Zhong and overthrew Han Xuan. They welcomed Liu Bei and Guan Yu to take the city.