Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 10- The Huarong Path

10- The Huarong Path

Scratch game - Three Kingdoms - the Huarong Path
The Huarong Path

Cao Cao was defeated by Sun Quan and Liu Bei’s coalition forces in Chibi, and led the remnants to retreat from the Huarong Path.

Guan Yu was in charge of capturing Cao Cao at the exit of the one-way-out path.

However, Guan Yu recalled the days when he and Cao Cao fought together. At that time, Cao Cao was very kind to Guan Yu. So Guan Yu didn’t want to see Cao Cao to be killed.

“Cao Cao, lucky you, I will let you go today!” Guan Shouted at last.

In this game, player should press the space key to make a leap, in order to avoid Guan Yu.

Total coding blocks: 30

Sprites and the backdrop:

land: the land
Guanyu: Guan Yu ( 3 costumes)
Horse-cao: Cao Cao on a horse

All above sprites are in

Backdrop: stars

Variables: v, km


(1) land:

Scratch Game - the Huarong Path - code #1

(2) Guanyu:

Scratch Game - the Huarong Path - code #2

(3) Horse-cao:

Scratch Game - the Huarong Path- code #3

Note the yellow color is from Guan Yu’s blade.