Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 9- The Burning Red Cliff

9- The Burning Red Cliff

the Burning Red Cliff

Although Zhou Yu gave Zhuge Liang a difficult mission in last episode, he did understand the importance of making an alliance with Liu Bei. Having unified the north, Cao Cao was determined to annex Jiangdong. However, Sun Quan, the young successor of Jiangdong, hadn’t decided whether to fight or to surrender.

By mentioning the great ambition of Sun Quan’s father and brother, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang persuaded the young leader not to give up the land his family had fought for.

In 208 AD, Cao Cao assembled more than 200,000 soldiers and hundreds of warships and prepared to attack Jiangdong across the Yangtze River. Zhou Yu asked Liu Bei’s army to defend the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. He led a fleet with no more than 20,000 soldiers to launch a battle with Cao Cao at the place of Red Cliff (Chibi).

Before the battle, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang came up with a plan. Because Cao Cao’s warships were too dense, as long as one ship caught fire, the fire could easily spread to surrounding ships. So Zhou Yu secretly sent a spy to set fire on the Cao’s battleship.

In this episode, Zhou Yu (the player) has only one chance to set fire. Click the mouse at a right time and right place. After 2 seconds, Zhou Yu will arrive at the mouse position, put on the fire and laugh wildly. If a ship happens to pass by, it will be ignited by fire. Wait to see if the fire could burn all the boats.

Total coding blocks: 30

Sprites and the backdrop:

the Burning Red Cliff - Layout

All above sprites and the backdrop are in

Note that Zhou is initially invisible by default. You can make it visible on “properties” panel.

Variable: enemies


(1) zhou-fire:

the Burning Red Cliff - Zhou's code

(2) cao-boat:

the Burning Red Cliff - code part 2

the Burning Red Cliff - code part 3

Pick the yellow color from Zhou’s fire, or set the color = 10, saturation = 100, brightness = 100.