Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 7- The Commander is a Young Musician

7- The Commander is a Young Musician

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The first job of Zhuge Liang was to travel across Yangtze River to meet Sun Quan, the younger brother of Sun Ce and the new leader of Jiangdong province. At that time, Sun Ce had been killed in battle. Liu Bei wanted to establish an alliance with Sun Quan to fight against Cao Cao together.

As soon as Zhuge Liang arrived in Jiangdong, he visited Zhou Yu, whom he had admired for a long time.

Zhou Yu was a handsome and talented young man. He was named the Commander of the Jiangdong Navy in his twenties. Zhou Yu had a deep friendship with Sun Ce. He married Xiao Qiao, whose elder sister is Sun Ce’s wife. Thus, Zhou Yu had a high influence in the court of Jiangdong.

Zhou Yu was good at playing the zheng. If there was a small mistake in a piece of music played by others, Zhou Yu would immediately correct it.

In the reception dinner for Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu played a tune for him. Let’s listen to it.

Total coding blocks: 25

Sprites and costumes:

(1) Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu

Download the sprites and music sheets

(2) Zhuge Liang

Backdrop: Theater

Extension: Music

Variables: i, n, t

List: track1

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Music Sheet Files:


All above files are in

Right click the list “track1”, import a music sheet file you like to play into the list.


Scratch Game Play Music, code

You can adjust the tempo on Line 2.

Or select another instrument on Line 3.

Have fun!