Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 6- Three Visits to Kongming’s Cottage

6- Three Visits to Kongming’s Cottage

Scratch Game Three Visits to Kongming

When Cao Cao said “only you and I are heroes” in last episode, Liu Bei cried, pretending to be a coward. Some days later, Liu Bei left Cao Cao and reunited with his oath brothers. They alleged Cao Cao for stealing the throne of the Han Dynasty just like Dong Zhuo, and went south to recruit troops along the Yangtze River.

Liu Bei reflected on the reason why he could not success, and felt that it was that he hadn’t have a brilliant strategy advisor. So he decided to go to Nanyang to invite Zhuge Liang (courtesy name Kongming), one of the wisest man in the world according to some people, to join his party.

What Liu Bei didn’t expect was that Zhuge Liang deliberately avoided him. He didn’t see Mr Kongming until the third visit to the humble cottage of “Sleeping Dragon”.

In this episode, Zhuge Liang randomly shows and disappears on the screen, while Liu Bei moves slowly following the mouse pointer. It is not until the third time that they meet, the two begin a dialogue.

Total coding blocks: 19

Sprites and costumes:

(1) Liu Bei

Liu Bei liu.png

(2) Zhuge Liang:

Download the sprite

Backdrop: Mountain


my variable – Check the checkbox before “my variable” on Variables panel


message1 (default)

hello (create a new message from the dropmenu of broadcast block)



Scratch Game Three Visits to Kongming, code #1


Scratch Game Three Visits to Kongming, code #2

Printing “Hello, world!” on screen is often the first program for beginners. When Mr. Kongming came out of his cottage, might he have made such a sigh?