Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 5- Who is a hero?

5- Who is a hero?

Scratch Game Who is a hero

In 196 AD, Cao Cao had moved the capital to Xuchang with Emperor Xiandi of the Han Dynasty. His strength was expanding dramatically. By contrast, Liu Bei lost even the small Xiaopei County, hopelessly to become an official in the court controlled by Cao Cao.

One night, Cao Cao hosted a banquet in honor of Liu Bei. During the dinner, Cao Cao asked Liu Bei who he thought was a hero in the world. Every time Liu Bei answered one person, Cao Cao denied. Finally, Cao Cao pointed to Liu Bei and himself. “Only you and I are heroes!”

This program is to demonstrate this conversation between Liu and Cao and read it out with the funny robot voice of Amazon Web Services.

Total coding blocks: 17

Sprites and costumes:

(1) Cao Cao

Cao Cao cao2.png

(2) Liu Bei

Liu Bei liu.png

(3) Built-in sprite fruit salad

(4) Winecup

Backdrop: Woods and Bench

Extension: Text to Speech by Amazon Web Services

Make 2 lists: “heroes” and “remarks”

Scratch Game Who is a hero, new list

Click “+” in list window to add a item:

Scratch Game Who is a hero, lists content

Drag “=” to resize the list.

Copy following items into the lists:

heroes >

Yuan Shu
Yuan Shao
Sun Ce
Liu Zhang
Septimius Severus

remarks >

is already a dead man!
is a cheapskate and lacks of leadship!
relies on his father!
is just a watch dog!
is a man converting republic Roman into a military monarchy whom we should not know!

Uncheck the checkbox before “remarks” in the Variables panel, so as to hide the “remarks” list. Put the “heroes” list at a proper place, like the screenshot at the beginning of this article.

Make a block “Say and Speak”:

Scratch Game Who is a hero, make a block

Code: (only the sprite cao2 has codes)

Scratch Game Who is a hero, code