Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 4- Marksman Lu Bu

4- Marksman Lu Bu

Scratch Game Marksman Lu Bu

Nationwide revolts unsettled Dong Zhuo’s Army. The Minister Wang Yun successfully provoked Dong’s general Lu Bu to kill Dong. However, after Dong’s death, the country was in greater chaos.

Liu Bei’s forces occupied Xiaopei County in the chaos and made peace with Lu Bu. But Yuan Shu hated Liu Bei and sent General Ji Ling to attack Liu Bei.

Lu Bu intended to mediate the fight. He called Liu Bei and Ji Ling to his camp and said: “I, Lu Bu, hate watching people fighting. Look at the halberd in distance. If I can shoot the small branch of the halberd, that is God telling you not to fight anymore. If the shot fails, you will fight to the death again, okay?”

In our game, after the green flag is clicked, the halberd will swing left and right, as the shooting direction indicator. See if you can shoot the aim and let Ji Ling retreat.

Total coding blocks: 19

Sprites and costumes:


Lu Bu



Download above 2 sprites here.

Broom: a built-in sprite in Scratch 3.

Backdrop: woods.



Scratch Game Marksman Lu Bu, Code #1


Scratch Game Marksman Lu Bu, Code #2


Scratch Game Marksman Lu Bu, Code #3

Pick up the color #1 from the metal of the halberd.

Pick up the color #2 from the broom’s rod.