Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 3- The Debut of ‘Warrior God’

3- The Debut of ‘Warrior God’

Scratch Game The Debut of Guan Yu

In the end of last episode, Dong Zhuo suddenly waked up. “Mengde, what are you doing?”, he yelled at Cao Cao. “General, this precious blade is a gift for you.” Cao replied calmly. Before Dong figured out what happened, Cao had ran away without any hesitation.

Cao’s brave action inspired all the heroes around the empire. Noble landlords and ordinary peasants uprose one and another, forming an Anti-Dong coalition, among which there were three insignificant warriors from the north. They were oath brothers, committed to restoring the reign of the royal family. Their names were Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Liu Bei was the descendent of the Emperor Guangwudi, the first emperor of Eastern Han dynasty. However, his family had declined for quite a long time, which made him have to make a living by making grass shoes.

Guan Yu, later known as ‘Warrior God’, was a tall and strong guy, escaping his hometown because of killing a villain. Zhang Fei was an orchard owner before met Liu and Guan. The three made an oath at Zhang’s orchard.

When the coalition forces arrived at the Dong’s fort, they encountered a daunting warrior named Hua Xiong. Hua killed countless allied soldiers and generals, scaring away most heroes.

At this time, a beardy man stood out, holding a shining blade with green dragon and crescent on it. “I can let down that paper cat!” Guan Yu shouted.

Cao Cao poured a bowl of hot rice wine for Guan, assuming that this unknown man would never return from battlefield. Guan didn’t take the wine. He left the camp with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade straightly. Several minutes later, the hero went back with Hua’s head on his hand. He picked up the wine Cao poured for him. And it was still warm.

Total coding blocks: 19

Sprites and costumes:


Guan Yu

You can download the zipped Sprite File from this site.

Unzip the file, and upload the .sprite3 file into your Scratch project.

Hua Xiong:

You can download a zombie image from fandom:

Upload the PNG file into your Scratch project. Or you can choose a built-in sprite instead. Adjust the size of sprite.

Backdrop: Desert in Scratch



Scratch Game The Debut of Guan Yu, Code #1

Hua Xiong:

Scratch Game The Debut of Guan Yu, Code #2

In this game, if the zombie touches the red cloth on Guan’s helmet, he wins. Press space key, Guan will move to mouse position and strike.

The purple color in “touching color” block can be picked up from the dragon on blade on Guanyu’s costume #3. If it is difficult to pick up, you can adjust the color to 75, saturation to 100, brightness to 100.

And the red color can be picked up from the red cloth on Guanyu’s helmet. Or let color = 4, saturation = 100, brightness = 90.

Hope you enjoy the game.