Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 2- A Plot to Assassinate Dong

2- A Plot to Assassinate Dong

Scratch Game Assassinate Dong Zhuo

As you might have experienced in last episode, the general of west, Dong Zhuo, finally seized Emperor Shaodi. This 13-years-old emperor was too nervous to speak a whole sentence. By contrast, his younger brother Liu Xie talked calmly and decently. 

Dong wanted to control the court. He knew that Xie’s birth-mother had died early, and the boy was raised by his grandmother, whose surname was also Dong. Unlike Emperor Shaodi, Xie didn’t have a powerful mother or guardian. Thus, the general could manipulate him much easier.

Soon after they returned to Chang’an, Dong announced Emperor Shaodi was not competent to rule the empire. Instead, he enthroned Liu Xie as the new emperor, later known as Emperor Xiandi. After a few months, both Emperor Shaodi and his mother were murdered.

Dong’s savage act astonished the whole country. Furious people began to secretly plan to overthrow Dong. Among the conspirators, there was a low-grade officer named Cao Cao (Mengde), who voluntarily asked to assassinate Dong. The Prime Minister Wang Yun was moved by Cao’s determination and sacrifice. As an encouragement, he gave Cao a precious blade.

Cao was trusted by Dong, therefore he had the opportunity to approach the general. One day, when Dong was taking a nap, he carried the blade into Dong’s room. Dong’s sleep was not good. He could wake up in any second. Cao quietly walked towards Dong. Can he succeed? Please try this game.

Total coding blocks: 17

Sprites and costumes:


Costume #1: dong.png

Dong Zhuo

Costume #2: 2.png

Dong Zhuo, awake

Cao Cao (Mengde): cao.png

Cao Cao

Backdrop: back.png

Scratch Game Assassinate Dong Zhuo, backdrop



Scratch Game Assassinate Dong Zhuo, Code #1

Press left key to let Cao Cao go.


Scratch Game Assassinate Dong Zhuo, Code #2

Add the extension “Text to Speech” into your project.

“我要刺董卓啦” means “I’m going to kill Dong Zhuo!”

“啊,我被刺杀啦!” means “Ahh, I am dead!”

“孟德,你要做什么” means “Mengde, what are you doing?”