Scratch Games about Three Kingdoms: 1- the Fleeing Emperor Shaodi

1- The Fleeing Emperor Shaodi

Today, we begin to introduce a series of Scratch mini-games about the Three Kingdoms Period of China. Each episode has a Three Kingdoms story and step by step instructions on how to create the game in Scratch. None of the games has more than 30 coding blocks. Therefore, this series is great for teaching Scratch programming to kids.

Here we go!

Scratch Game The Fleeing Emperor Shaodi

Total coding blocks: 13

Our brief Three Kingdoms story begins with a palace coup by the end of Eastern Han dynasty. The Emperor Shaodi was a 13-years old boy when he took his throne in 189 AD. As a convention, his mother’s family then controlled the court, which endangered the power of the eunuchs party. Several months after the young emperor was enthroned, the eunuchs carried out a coup. They killed the emperor’s uncle, who was the Great General of the state at that time, and were intended to held the emperor and his mother.

After getting the message, Dong Zhuo, the general of the west part of empire, led his army into the capital, Chang’An. He executed all rebelling eunuchs, and searched for the emperor eagerly.

The Emperor Shaodi feared that Dong would kill him. Being in deep panic, he together with his younger brother Liu Xie fled to the suburb of Chang’An, crying all the way. 

Can he escape from the hands of Dong? Try this game.

Sprites and costumes:

Emperor Shaodi:

Emperor Shaodi


Dong Zhuo:

Dong Zhuo


Upload above 2 sprites into your project.

Backdrop: Choose the backdrop Jungle in Scratch.


Scratch Game The Fleeing Emperor Shaodi, Layout

Change the size of sprite to a proper scale, like 80.

Place Dong at the bottom of screen. Place the emperor at the center.



Scratch Game The Fleeing Emperor Shaodi, Code #1

You can record a funny scream voice instead of choosing a built-in sound. Be sure use the play sound(…) block with “until done”. Otherwise, the “stop all” command will terminate the program before the sound is played.


Scratch Game The Fleeing Emperor Shaodi, Code #2

So easy, right?

Click the green flag, and press space key to avoid Dong. Good luck for you!